Stocking up on too much tape? 5 ways to teach you the basic tape to solve the hoarding!


I believe that everyone will inevitably encounter such troubles, what should I do if there is too much tape to use up?

The tapes I usually use are all gifts from friends, and I basically never buy them myself. Even so, the tapes are still endless. So this article is dedicated to teaching you how to use the basic tape, to save you who are hoarding tape~



Introducing Tape


After owning tapes, of course I have to introduce them.

Just like we make color cards after getting the paint.



Tape as Separator


The basic tape can also be used as a separator,

Choose the appropriate basic model according to the color and complexity of the picture.


Tapes of different patterns can also be overlapped to make separators.


Tape as Background


According to the shape of the outline of the drawn object, cut and paste the tape as the "background" of the object.



If the background range is large, two layers of adhesive tape can be attached along the way.




Tape for Text Box


Cut the tape into sections and collage them into text boxes.

Thin tape is most suitable, and wide tape can be cut in half.


The figure shows examples of circular and square text boxes,

You can also collage different shapes according to your own preferences.



Tape Pull Strip


Tape pull strip refers to directly pull the sticker horizontally,

Medium-length tape is generally used at the bottom or top of the ledger.

Different color style pages, choose the corresponding tape.



The method of using the basic tape is updated here.

I hope everyone will get rid of the hoarding tape as soon as possible!

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