🐰 Uncover Egg-citing Surprises at JournaLSay Easter Egg Hunt! 🥚

This Easter, JournaLSay is bringing you an egg-venture like no other! For 8 epic days, from March 23rd to March 30th(Daily easter egg update time: 4:00 am Los Angeles time), we're hiding 80 colorful Easter eggs 🥚 across our website. Each day, hunt for 10 new eggs, 3 of which contain delightful surprise prizes that are sure to put a spring in your step! With 24 amazing rewards up for grabs, get ready for an egg-citing treasure trail.

Here's how you can join the egg-hunting festivities:

1. 🕵️‍♀️ Visit journalsay.com and let your inner detective loose! Search every page (category page, product page, home page and more...)

2. 🥚 Once you spot an egg, click on it to uncover a secret prize link.

3. 🎁 Add the prize to your cart, and check out with your order to claim your valuable Thin DuPont Paper Storage Bag worth $19!

But that's not all! While you're on the hunt, feel free to explore our incredible range of products and treat yourself to something special. After all, what's Easter without a little indulgence? 🛒

Remember, our prizes are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. So, don't let this egg-straordinary opportunity hop away! 🐇 Start your egg-sploring adventure today and unearth exciting rewards.

If you reach a prize page and find it's already out of stock, don't worry! There are plenty more eggs waiting to be discovered across our site. Keep hunting, and you might just stumble upon an egg-ceptional surprise! 🥚✨

Gather your baskets and get ready for an egg-cellent time at JournaLSay. Happy hunting, and have a fantastic Easter! 🎉🐣

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