What's the difference between washi tape and PET tape?

Hello everyone! I believe that most people, like me, first entered the pocketbook and "fell" from the tape. Today, Journalsay will share with you some little knowledge about the materials of Japanese paper and PET pocketbooks!

Washi, PET, tape with the same pattern, there are different choices, which one is more practical?

Which one is more convenient to store?

Which one is more suitable for collection?


1."Washi tape"

Washi tape, this is the most common and most commonly used tape for journal lovers. Here we will talk about how to identify high-quality washi tape!

First, look at stickiness. Since it is an adhesive tape, the stickiness must be the most important thing. If a new roll of tape cannot even stick to the minimum release paper, or it is easy to warp, then we have to doubt the quality of this roll of tape. , Is it worth our while?

The washi tape used in journal is completely different from the ordinary tape used in journal life. The stickier the tape used in journal life, the better. Adhesive tape should not only pay attention to decoration and practicality, but also consider whether the stickiness is appropriate. If the adhesive is too strong, the paper will be torn off when it is torn off, that is not acceptable. Therefore, the adhesive tape used should be of sufficient viscosity, but not degummed, easy to stick and easy to tear off.

Second, it depends on the thickness of the tape. The reason why some washi tape is so expensive is because it is too "delicate". The adhesiveness is very high, and the thickness is also high. We definitely don’t like a certain type of tape that is thick. After the collage is done, it is like stacking paint, and it is quite difficult to cut with a knife. Therefore, the thinner the tape is, the more popular it is. It is best to stick it on paper with high transparency, which is better. For some friends who are not very good at "knife skills", it is more convenient to use.

Finally, it depends on the craft of the tape. Although the thinner the tape, the better, but if it is very thin, some patterns may not look so obvious, and the effect of pasting is still not good-looking. Of course, the raw materials and production techniques of Japanese paper from different manufacturers are also very different.

2. "PET Tape"

PET tape is a kind of tape that has become popular in recent years. Once it is on the market, it is very popular.

Many journal lovers seem to have found a life-saving straw in an instant. Finally, they no longer need to use a knife to cut them one stroke at a time. They can be easily cut with scissors, and easily pasted. You will never have to worry about white edges. Everyone can use it It just feels more convenient.

But after a long time, everyone gradually discovered that this material also has irreparable disadvantages, such as stickiness, because of the special material, it is like transparent packaging plastic. It is harder than the material of washi tape, and it is not so soft to use. Moreover, the tape of this material has its own static electricity. If you stick a large pattern on the journal, and then want to tear it off flawlessly, it is even better than going to heaven. Disaster.


The most annoying thing is to paste the release book. If you want to paste it on the book perfectly without air bubbles, you may not be able to do it in your next life. There is another point that makes people complain, that is, it is easy to wrinkle. There will be wrinkles that will never be smoothed out.

The best way to preserve PET adhesive tape is to store it in its entirety. Cut off a small section each time you use it. Do not cut it into subpackages or stick it on a release sheet. It will not be torn off after a long time.

Although the slots are full, many people still love it. After all, the PET material is really good-looking, and the colors are bright. The white ink layer is not transparent, and it is suitable for character patterns.