What are washi stickers? & How to use washi stickers?

Washi tape is a kind of tape made of translucent Japanese washi paper. Its texture is close to that of paper and can be torn off manually. At the same time, various design patterns are printed on the surface of the paper, which can be pasted repeatedly without leaving glue residue.

The pattern types of washi tape mainly include: basic washi tape, pattern washi tape, functional washi tape and retro washi tape

Let's get a feel for what different types of washi tape look like

To be honest, Journalsay has always felt that the handbook is a "deep hole", and the paper tape is a prop that is deeply bound to the Journal.

Until recently, Journalsay suddenly got a lot of new ways to play paper tape, it was like opening the door to a new world!

Usage 1: Make a Journal

Washi tape can be regarded as the standard configuration of the Journaler. Whether it is fixing, sticking, decorating, dividing space, etc., the tape is an irreplaceable high-value beauty in the Journal. While enriching the Journal, it also warms up the record itself.


Pulling the tape is to stretch the tape into strips of different lengths, which is the most commonly used method for Journaler.


Use tape collage to show some scenes or details. For example, to create a fairy-like feeling.

3.Cut into stickers or shapes

Cut out the leaves from the tape to make a garland, or you can cut the tape that is not commonly used into small shapes for decoration.


4.As ordinary tape or corner sticker

Give full play to the pasting effect of ordinary tape, you can paste photos, movie tickets, etc.

Usage 2: Daily decoration of small objects

1.Decorative vase

Washi tape makes the matter of "growing flowers" more interesting: you can decorate the vase according to the color of the flowers, with a variety of different washi tapes, and you don't repeat the same every day.

There is nothing better than transparent glass to be decorated with washi tape, whether it is a party or alone, it is full of literary and artistic sense.

2.Photo corner stickers

When it comes to things we love to do, "taking pictures" is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

Instead of letting the photos stay in the camera, it is better to use washi tape to stick the photos in a place that can be seen at any time. While decorating the space, it is also always pleasing to yourself.

Or a seamless picture frame instead of a seamless nail.

3.Distinguish between chargers/cables

Paste different styles of tape on the charger or connecting line, and the matching charging head and line can be pasted in the same style. No more mistaking the charger in the drawer!

4.DIY Unique Phone Case

Want to be unique and not hit the shell? Make it yourself with washi tape to ensure that it is different, but pay attention to choosing a transparent or solid color, light-colored mobile phone case, otherwise the color of the mobile phone case itself will easily show through after pasting.

5.Making greeting cards and envelopes

Tape a shape or pattern on the gift bag;

Can also be used for homemade cards, postcards and more. Imagine that your friends must be very happy to receive the gift you made with your heart~

6.Modeling candles

Why spend money on those decorative candles? Paste them yourself, and boring candles will become beautiful.

7. Keyboard stickers

No need to buy keyboard stickers, use the washi tape at hand to play with your creativity!

8.Storage of wires

It looks like a plant and it feels so special!


Usage three: wall and door decoration

Friends who feel that the walls and door of the room are too monotonous and have no other decorations can try it.

1.Wall decoration

You can have a good-looking wallpaper without punching holes or glue. The soft texture can be integrated with the wall without being obtrusive.

2.Decorate the door

The door is plain, want to have a different feeling? Just use washi tape!

3.Window decoration

Spraying things on glass is always hard to clean up... just replace it with sticker tape, it's simple and beautiful!

Finally, Journalsay's washi tape can be sent to all countries in the world. I wish everyone can use washi tape better!

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