The results of 2nd anniversary Lucky Draw are announced! ! !

❤️ Dear Customers,

We are excited to announce the results of Journalsay Shop's Lucky Draw, which was held from May 4th to June 3rd. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude to all participants who placed their orders and helped make this event a huge success.

The following is the process and results of our lottery ☟ ☟ ☟

The 10 lucky winners are:

🏆 Winner 1: 00117634
🏆 Winner 2: 00114424
🏆 Winner 3: 00113179
🏆 Winner 4: 00113478
🏆 Winner 5: 00116963
🏆 Winner 6: 00118202
🏆 Winner 7: 00109845
🏆 Winner 8: 00113872
🏆 Winner 9: 00117179
🏆 Winner 10: 00120062

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉🎉🎉! Each lucky user will receive a $50 voucher, which will be sent to them individually via email. The Journalsay Shop team will be in touch with the winners shortly.

We truly appreciate your love and support for Journalsay Shop, and we hope that this lucky draw added to your shopping experience. Stay tuned for more exciting and generous promotions in the future, and we look forward to your continued support!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!