The most popular scrapbook supplies in 2024

Scrapbook supplies have always been a must-have for notebook and diary decoration, and have always been favored by fans. As time goes by, new styles and designs continue to emerge, bringing more choices to consumers. In 2024, the Journalsay store launched a series of popular scrapbook supplies. Let's take a look at the sales rankings and product features of each month.

January: Seven-in-one Paper Cutter

This Seven-in-one Paper Cutter is popular for its flexible and convenient use and simple and cute style.

It is equipped with 7 different cutter heads, allowing users to choose different cutting methods according to their needs.

Whether it is a simple straight line cutting or a complex curve cutting, it can be easily completed, adding more creative possibilities to the scrapbook.


February: Vintage Character Flower Landscaping Die-cutting Sticker Book

This Vintage Character Flower Landscaping Die-cutting Sticker Book includes stickers with a variety of different themes, such as characters, landscapes, animals and flowers, each with carefully designed patterns and colors.

This series launches new models every month, which continues to attract the attention and purchase of many scrapbook lovers.


March: Meeting The Sea of ​​Flowers Series Vintage Plant Die-cutting PET Tape

The Vintage Plant Die-cutting PET Tape of the Meeting The Sea of ​​Flowers series is very popular because it includes 8 different styles, covering a variety of floral themes, such as sunflowers, orange, pink, white, purple, blue roses, hydrangeas and poppies. The rich and diverse styles meet the personalized needs of different users.


April: Thin DuPont paper storage bag

Made from high-quality DuPont paper, this storage bag is both lightweight and durable.
Not only does it have an elegant appearance, it also offers excellent functionality. Its material properties make the storage bag water-resistant and tear-resistant, allowing it to remain new for a long time.

Whether you need to store pencils, pens, makeup or other small items, it will fit your needs perfectly.


May: Reading Time Series Vintage Coffee Character PET Tape

The Vintage Coffee Character PET Tape of the Reading Time series includes 6 different styles, all of which are themed on reading girls, depicting different states of reading time through different tones. The exquisite design and warm scenes have attracted the attention and purchase of many enthusiasts.

The above are the most popular scrapbooking supplies in Journalsay store in 2024. The new styles launched every month are loved and sought after by the majority of scrapbooking enthusiasts. Whether it is a variety of stickers or creative PET Tape, it brings users more wonderful scrapbooking experience.

Journalsay will update the Top 100 sales of the previous month every month. Friends who want to follow the trend can follow Journalsay.

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