The 12 most popular ways to use sticky notes, even newbies can easily get them!

Sticky notes are probably one of the most photographed items among cultural and creative products. Not only beautiful, but also extremely practical.

Every year, various cultural and creative brands launch different styles of sticky notes, which can be said to be very "fashionable". So today journalsay will introduce to you some ways to use sticky notes. There are 12 types in total. They are very simple and can be easily obtained by novices!

01. note base

First, we will introduce the first type, which is our common use of sticky notes, which is as material or text base.

However, as a base material, it can also be played in different ways. I have summarized the priming methods into the following five types, namely: title priming, to do list priming, special-shaped decorative priming, seal priming and burnt retro feel priming. Does it sound a little complicated? In fact, it is very simple to operate~


  • Title background


The bare title text written on the notebook will inevitably make people feel a bit monotonous and boring. At this time, you can cut the sticky notes into different shapes and paste them below the text to make the title more eye-catching.

Cut it into different shapes and paste it below the text to make the title more eye-catching.


  • Make serial numbers


Cut the note paper into a square shape, stick it on the notebook, and write what you want to do today on the back. It can make your life more organized.

  • Special-shaped decorative base

Tear or cut the note paper into large pieces of different shapes, stick it on the notebook, and then paste other small materials on it for decoration.


Put your favorite stamp pattern on the note and stick it on the notebook. This will be more interesting than simply covering it in a notebook.

You can also continue to add elements you like to create a light retro feel, and the effect is also very good.

  • Scorching retro-feel base


Use a small fire to burn some of the surrounding areas of the sticky note, and the nostalgic and retro effect will appear immediately. However, it should be noted that fire must be used safely and be careful not to put sparks on the surface of flammable and explosive objects.

Or you can use a brush and ink cartridge to "brush" around the note for a retro feel.

02. Make a collage

This piece of content is completely suitable for journaler use~

Using sticky notes to make collages will really elevate your work to a new level, so you can try it boldly~


  • Post directly


This is really the simplest collage method, and it looks good and has a magazine-style feel.

Cut the sticky notes to the appropriate size for collage.

Or cut it in two and make a collage in an orderly manner.


  • Nine-square grid spelling

As the name suggests, the same sticky note is cut into nine squares of the same size, and then pasted on the notebook. Isn’t it also very beautiful~


  • Photo decoration

Cut out the corners of the note and paste it on the notebook, and then insert the photo into the four corners. It can also add points to the appearance of your photo~


  • Make borders

Hollow out the center of the note, and the surrounding borders can have a very good decorative effect on the text. You can also put your favorite pictures in the frame, which is very artistic.

Used interspersed, it is very suitable for advanced players.

03. Work and study arrangements

The above are all a series of gameplay based on the aesthetics of sticky notes.

Next, let’s talk about some uses of sticky notes in work and study~


  • Mobile process arrangement

Use post-it notes to post unscheduled items on your notebook page or in your notepad, and find time to complete them at any time.

Write one thing on a sticky note, and if it is not completed this week, stick it to the next week's page. After posting it, the sticky note loses its stickiness, which reminds you that this thing has been put off for too long and should be completed immediately!


  • reading notes

People who like to read paper books must always want to write something next to them every time they see a sentence that resonates. However, the space left for text in the book is really too small. At this time, sticky notes are needed to assist. Write down everything you want to write on the sticky notes and record every thought at the moment.


  • memorandum


As the saying goes - "A good memory is worse than a bad pen." Although we now have memos on our mobile phones to help us record them, we always forget to read them. It is better to write down what you want to do in a place where you can see and touch it, so that you can be reminded to do anything anytime, anywhere.

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