Super cool Junk Journal, just do it! 丨Complete tutorial

There is a small category in journals. Compared with collages, there are relatively fewer people, but the finished products are much cooler than collages, and the materials of this type of journal do not need to spend too much money. They are completely drawn from life, which is particularly interesting. Personality is a journal that saves money and is super fulfilling.


This is Junk Journal.


Junk Journal is actually a collection journal that uses some labels, signs, brochures, advertising sheets, etc. that are not used in daily life.



Recently, I am making my own Junk Journal, let me show you:



So I just want to share with you how the cool Junk Journal is completed.



To be a Junk Journal, what you need is freedom and flexibility. Anything you think is garbage in your daily life may have the potential to be used as a material. For example, I used these:


clothes hang tag


dessert packaging bag


coffee box


Museum Brochure


Local brochures


Cake Brochure


Air tickets, train tickets, etc. bills and the like...


In short, these bells and whistles are great materials for Junk Journal. As long as you love to accumulate and collect packaging, you can use them all.



There are several tools that are necessary, such as scissors, needle thread, and solid glue.


If you want your Junk Journal to be more interesting and contain more small designs, you can also prepare a hole punch and air eye pliers.



I do it myself, the summarized steps are as follows:


(1) Select the Junk Journal book case 


Junk Journal’s notebook casing is also selected from your Junk. Tea bag boxes, oatmeal packaging boxes, skin care product packaging boxes, etc. can be used as the notebook casing, provided that you need to think in advance that you want to make a larger notebook.


I chose a coffee packaging box for the Junk Journal book cover this time. I think its size is more suitable for the Junk I plan to use as the inner core, and it is thicker.


(2) Make the notebook shell 


After choosing the right size packaging box, the next step is to cut off the excess part, so that the remaining part presents the appearance that a book can be unfolded.


like this:



Of course, tape or other wrapping paper can also be used to make a good-looking book cover on the outer shell, but this step is recommended to be done after the inner core is installed, and the thread ends of the bound inner core can be covered.


(3) Binding inner core 


"Junk" such as brochures and brochures can be stacked together to make an inner core. In short, it is to bind all the cost brochures you have on hand to the outer shell.

I have a lot of brochures I have accumulated before, so the inner core is abundant.


Binding is a laborious step, especially if the shell is very thick and hard, punching and threading will be more tiring. It is recommended to use scissors or other sharp tools to make holes first, and then thread.


The binding can be thicker and stronger. I used hemp rope at the beginning, but later I felt it was too thick, so the inner core of the next few books used ordinary thread and double seams.



(4) Make Junk Journal packaging 

You can choose your favorite tape or good-looking wrapping paper to wrap the case and make the notebook beautiful. If you want to be more complicated and gorgeous, you can also make some collages on the book cover.

I did it like this:


(5) Make Journal on the inner core 


This is also the last step. Put all the remaining junk into your Junk Journal. You can paste it directly, fix it with air holes, or make a small pocket to store materials such as maps...


In short, use the way you like to make all the materials.


Let me share with you a few pages of inner cores that I have already done:



Put all the Junk into the book, and this Junk Journal will be finished.



Regarding Junk Journal, I have one more thing to say:


I have seen a lot of Junk Journal videos, many of the "Junk" materials used by the author are bought some very beautiful materials on purpose, not the "Junk" accumulated by myself every day. But I think the meaning of Junk Journal is to make the things you collect every day beautiful. If you just do it for Junk Journal, this layer of fun will be lost.


So if you are a person who likes to collect small labels and small "Junk", then make them into Junk Journal. In the process of transforming "Junk" into art, you may also have different gains.


The following are some Junk Journal materials recommended by Journalsays, everyone is welcome to choose!