Sub🌹Unboxing new materials and 2 types of collages | Journalsay | UNBOXING ASMR | Stationery haul

From my friend @kiki-asmr


No.1 Journalsay Vintage Wooden Flip-top Storage Box

No.2 Journalsay vintage model accessories jewelry storage rack

No.3 Journalsay 1 Pc Camellia Beauty Series Vintage Pearl Flower Metal Clip

No.4 Journalsay 50 Sheets Plant Etiquette Series Vintage Flower Landscaping PET Sticker

No.5 Journalsay 5 Sheets Wave Light Phosphorus Shadow Series Vintage Shell Light Sticker

No.6 Journalsay 10 Sheets Your Back Series Vintage Character Flower PET Sticker

No.7 Journalsay 20 Sheets Four Seasons Flower Series Vintage Landscaping Material Memo Pad

No.8 Journalsay 30 Sheets Gentle Monologue Series Vintage Text Letter Decor Material Paper

No.9 Journalsay 40 Embossed Specimen Series Vintage Plant Flower PET Stickers

No.10 Journalsay 50 Sheets Small Square Book Series Vintage Flower Material Book

No.11 Journalsay 10 Sheets Baroque Photo Frame Series Vintage Hollow Border Sticker

No.12 Journalsay 3 Sheets Long Talk of Flowers Series Literary Floral PVC Transfer Sticker

No.13 Journalsay 20 Sheets Mountain Melody Series Vintage Plant Flower PET Sticker Book

No.14 Journalsay 10 Sheets Years of Manuscript Series Vintage English Poetry Material Paper

No.15 Journalsay 100 Sheets The Selected Poems Series Vintage Dual Material Mini Small Book

No.16 Journalsay 50 Sheets Garden Tour Series Vintage Plant Flower PET Sticker

No.17 Journalsay 30 Sheets Plaid Lace Series Vintage Lace Flower Landscaping Material Paper

No.18 Journalsay 1 Pc Border Set Series Vintage Border Wooden Stamp

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