journalsay's faith

Stationery highlights the cultural heritage. Welcome to journalsay!


For those who love literature, stationery must be indispensable, it is to express one's own literary temperament and enhance one's own literary feelings.

Stationery is not just a simple stationery, it represents the attitude and love of life. Choosing the right stationery will show your own temperament very well.

Time flies, any stationery can always record the bits and pieces of the beautiful life, so that the warmth will warm the heart again. A stationery that suits you can always show the quality of life and fall in love with the literary life.

The book is just the beginning. The most important thing is in yourself. As long as there is a heart that loves life,

I think we can continue on the road of bullet journal.

Time Craftsmanship bullet journal pen

Creative and colorful large-capacity journal pens, 4 styles, 9pcs/set, smooth and smooth writing. The pen clip design is convenient to carry, and it is used for daily bullet journal drawing, making this pen more practical and durable.

Transparent loose leaf binder

The cover is made of PVC transparent material, which is waterproof and wear-resistant. Imported cardboard, fine embossing process, very texture, very easy to use whether it is for personal use or as a gift. With stickers, washi tepe, brush pen, you will surely amaze more people.

Retro Art Stationery Metal Scissors

The use of stainless steel quenching treatment, sharper, more Nordic style color matching. Gives you multiple choices.

ZEBRA Zebra WKT7 Highlighter

Everyone has their own unique personality, not only the appearance, but also the embodiment of character and inner character. Every personality has its corresponding color. Come and do a simple test to find the color that belongs to your personality!

Large Capacity Double-Layer Pencil Bag

The thick canvas is very durable, two separate zipper storage, easy to sort and store. The high-quality printing on the surface layer adds a sense of fun to the pencil case.

material paper journal set

A set contains all kinds of products required by bullet journals. Owning this set can solve all problems.

{A4/A5 poster, LOMO card, PET transparent tape, text material paper, washi tape, social card...}

Basic Pattern Washi Tape Set

Solid color basic washi tapes, suitable for all kinds of bullet journal production.


Stationery is not only a tool for writing, recording events, and learning, but also a symbol of the meaning of life, bringing more quality to life.

These represent the enthusiasm of every cultural person, a love of knowledge, a recognition of life, and an attitude to life. It is a denial of myself.