Journalsay Scrapbooking Haul Review: Mexico Shipping Experience

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I recently ordered a haul of gorgeous crafting supplies from Journalsay, an online journal shop that ships worldwide, and was thrilled to document the unboxing. As a loyal scrapbooker in Mexico, I was curious how efficient the international shipping would be.

When my package arrived in just over two weeks, I was seriously impressed! The process felt quick, affordable, and seamless. As I reveal in my YouTube video, Journalsay wrapped all the scrapbooking goodies with care—washi tape, paper pads, fun memo notes. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

If you’re in Mexico and looking where to order cute stationery online, I wholeheartedly recommend Journalsay. Browsing their website feels like wandering into a dream art store, except everything ships straight to your door! Between the shipping reliability and their range of journaling products, Journalsay makes scrapbooking way more accessible.