How to use fire paint seal? How to use fire paint seal?

How to use fire paint seal? How to use fire paint seal

Nowadays, there are more and more personalized seals, suitable for hand accounts, wedding invitations, gifts, etc.

There are many novice friends who are very interested but don’t know how to use it. Now let’s take a look at the usage and precautions of fire paint seal~

Tools/MaterialsFire wax, spoon, candlelacquer stovewax seal

  1. Screw on the handle on the chapter head. Of course, you don’t have to use the handle.
  2. Prepare fire paint wax, you can use wax granules, wax strips or wax sticks.
  3. Put the wax particles directly in a spoon and heat them until they melt. If the heating time is too long, there will be bubbles. The wax strips and wax sticks can be melted directly, or they can be cut into small pieces with a knife. It is recommended to cut them into small pieces for convenience!
  4. Drop the melted wax slurry on the paper (envelope), try to make it rounder, so that the printed part will be rounder. Or you can use a stamp mold to shape it for a better appearance.
  5. If the wax slurry is too thin, you can wait for a while to cool down slightly, and then stamp. Don't press hard, just use its own gravity to press down.
  6. Okay, now you just need to wait until the fire paint wax has completely cooled and hardened before you can remove the seal! 
  7. You’re done!

Other ways to play

  1. Mix wax particles of different colors together for printing. You can play with color mixing~
  2. Want to completely remove the printed paint? Printed on: release paper (the smooth paper on the back of self-adhesive), smooth glass, and mirrors can be completely peeled off.
  3. Use a coloring pen to apply on the printed fire wax to add a color.
  4. Glue gun + wax stick, save time, worry and effort ~ but you can’t mix colors ~
  5. If possible, you can buy some dried flowers, drop wax paste on them, and start printing!



1. How to clean the wax on the spoon?

Wipe off the wax with a paper towel quickly while it is still hot and has not hardened. Be careful not to burn your hands.

2. How to clean the black spots under the spoon?

Wipe it with paper towels after use. The longer it takes, the harder it will be to wipe it off. This is the same as the dust on the bottom of a pot.

(There is a piece of the picture that has been too long to be erased)

3. How to save the seal?

It is best to keep it sealed, otherwise the chapter head will oxidize, turn black and rust. (It does not affect the use of)


  1. Safety first! Danger from open flames, please be careful!
  2. Try not to press the chapter with your hands, just rely on its own weight.
  3. Be sure to wait until the wax is completely cool and dry before removing the seal, otherwise the wax will easily stick to the seal, so you have to heat it slightly and use a toothpick or needle to pick it off.
  4. If the wax sticks to the seal easily, apply a little oil (any oil will do) on the seal head to help remove the wax.