How to use a paper cutter? Best manual paper cutter, multifunctional paper cutter

When choosing a paper cutter, give priority to stainless steel or high carbon steel blades with anti-rust coating, which ensures a sharp and durable blade. The plastic blade should have good grip. Choose the right one according to the size of your hand. If it is too small, it will be difficult to control, and if it is too large, it will cause wrist fatigue.
Hold the paper cutter correctly, with your thumb on the back of the knife and the other four fingers holding the blade. When cutting, the incision should be pushed evenly along a straight line and avoid applying force only with the tip of the knife. Moderate cutting force and regular cutting path are the key to ensuring neat and beautiful cuts.
For harder paper, it is more difficult to cut in one go. At this time, you can gradually cut hard along the same tangent line, and most paper types can be cut off in 2-3 times. When the cuts are uneven, you can repeat the cutting until you are satisfied. After completing the cutting, gently press the cut with your fingers to remove the burrs.
After using the paper cutter, clean the blade with a soft cloth in time, and apply a thin layer of machine oil if necessary to prevent oxidation. When storing, insert a plastic knife cover or place a special knife block in the drawer to avoid collision with other tools.
Several points when using a paper cutter to cut paper jams:
1) Choose rust-resistant steel blades;
2) Hold your fingers correctly to avoid slipping;
3) The incision path should be regular;
4) Hard paper can be cut in sections;
5) Wipe with oil after use and store safely.
Proficient use of a paper cutter not only enhances work efficiency, but is also a life skill. Choosing and maintaining a paper cutter will maximize its usefulness.

The following are several paper cutters specially recommended by Journalsay. They are all paper cutters that are cute, easy to use, practical and multi-functional.

The first paper cutter: Journalsay Multifunctional Four in one paper cutter Replaceable blade Set Multi-module Paper Cutter

This unique manual paper cutter has a stylish and elegant milky white cutting board and a bright and eye-catching red blade, which has an excellent visual effect. It provides 4 different styles of cutter heads that can be replaced, namely straight line, curved line, dotted line and folded line cutter heads, which can cut paper of various shapes, very practical and interesting.
The fixed bottom plate design makes cutting easier and can be precisely controlled with just one hand. At the same time, the paper is not easy to move, which greatly improves cutting efficiency. . Ergonomic curved handle design, comfortable to hold and less prone to fatigue. Light weight, easy to carry, can be taken anywhere for use.

This paper cutter is suitable for cutting creative materials such as scrapbooking, cards, decorations, handicrafts, etc. Not only can it cut out basic styles such as straight lines and curves, it can also cut out creative patterns such as triangles, rhombuses, and zigzags through the combination of cutter heads, allowing unlimited creativity. It is a good helper for novices to get started, as well as a powerful assistant for experienced craft enthusiasts.

The second paper cutter: Journalsay Multifunctional Seven-in-one Paper Cutter Multiple Cutter Head Combination Cutters

This manual paper cutter has a stylish transparent cutting board and a cute mushroom-shaped blade, which has a novel visual effect. Its biggest feature is that it provides a wide range of 7 types of replaceable cutter heads, including straight lines, broken lines, curves, stamp lace, dots, rough edge wavy curves and dotted line cutter heads, which can meet a variety of paper cutting needs.
Since there is no fixed bottom plate, the cutting range and paper size can be freely adjusted according to the user's needs, making it highly adaptable.

This paper cutter is widely used in handcrafting, photo album decoration, card making, greeting card packaging and other occasions. Not only can it be used for fine cutting, but it can also allow unlimited creativity. For example, it can be used with a stamp lace blade to create retro-style works, and it can be decorated with dots, waves and other blades, which is very dreamy.

The simple and elegant appearance, rich and diverse blade options, flexible and convenient use experience, and the unique visual effect of the transparent cutting board are all the great advantages of this paper cutter. It turns the boring work of cutting paper into a creative and fun thing. Choose it and let your inspiration and creativity grow freely in cutting!

The third paper cutter: Journalsay Twelve-in-one Multifunctional Paper Cutter Various Pattern Cutting Tools

This manual paper cutter can be said to combine all the major advantages. As the latest product on the market, it has a fashionable pink body with a sun god shape, and the visual effect is lively and novel. The most amazing thing is that it integrates 12 different styles of cutter heads in the turntable. You only need to turn the circular turntable to switch at will, which is very convenient to operate.

The 12 types of cutter heads cover almost all common cutting needs, including basic shapes such as straight lines, dotted lines, and broken lines, as well as a variety of curves with different arcs to choose from. The shape of the Sun God knife head is also very consistent with the product theme, and the details are exquisitely processed. What's more user-friendly is that there are extended folding rulers on both sides, which can be used to draw different lines.

The innovative design of the transparent cutter head allows you to clearly observe the cutting trajectory and accurately control the force and path of each cutter. The base is widened and enlarged to maximize the cutting area and is suitable for cutting oversized materials. The handle is ergonomically designed, feels comfortable and less prone to fatigue. The price is also very affordable.
Whether you are a handicraft enthusiast, a creative or a professional worker, this paper cutter will definitely become your best assistant! It can stimulate your greatest creative potential and turn boring cutting work into an easy and interesting thing .