How to make a simple and beautiful magazine style journal?

I don’t know if you have the habit of reading magazines. Journalsay remembers that when I was a child, I loved buying all kinds of magazines. I felt that the layout on them always had a special kind of beauty. The layout of the characters and pictures is just right. Even if you put it aside and look at it again after a long time, it will not feel outdated at all.

The magazine style journal has also been favored by many journal ER in recent years, because it is simple and easy to operate, can achieve good results without spending a lot of time and brains, and at the same time has a sense of high-end. So today Journalsay will teach you how to make a good-looking magazine-style journal.

What materials are needed for magazine style?

In fact, very few things are needed to make magazine style. After all, Less is more, which gives it a more high-end feel~

Looking along the way, the materials required for magazine style are as follows:

  • Notes and various pictures you like
  • Dot stickers for marking
  • Small tweezers - used to tweezer various stickers
  • Solid color tape (or plaid type), basic tape is really versatile.
  • Various materials for figures and flowers made of sulfuric acid paper. It’s really beautiful as a decoration~

Aesthetic layout included in magazine style

If you want your journal to have the exquisite beauty of a magazine, you must master the following layout tips. Next, journalsay introduces 6 different journal formatting tips.

1. Large font

Magazine layout generally uses large fonts as titles, giving people a strong visual impact. In the journal, we can use the English brush letter as the decorative title of the journal. A kind of grand beauty will appear on the paper, which has a great visual effect and will make your journal look better.

2. Jiugongge

Nine-square grid layout is also a very common magazine style layout. It follows certain grid rules, has a more humanistic and modern feel, is concise and eye-catching.

3. Diagonal typography

Everyone should be familiar with diagonal layout. Diagonal composition is often used in magazine style journals, maintaining a relatively delicate balance at both ends of the diagonal. Compared with the conventional centering, this type of layout guides the line of sight to tilt, giving it a sense of movement.

Moreover, the diagonal layout looks more regular and does not make the picture look particularly scattered.

The elements of diagonal layout do not need to be completely consistent. You can choose to arrange the pattern in one corner and the text in one corner to make the picture more flexible.

4. Big picture on one page

Another characteristic of the magazine style is that it often displays a picture with text as a separate page. And the choice of pictures must be simple and clean, and can highlight the theme.

5. Overlay typesetting

Needless to say, no matter it is a magazine-style journal or other styles of journals, overlay typesetting is always the most used method. Some are the overlay of text and pictures, and some are the overlay of pure text.

Overlaying layout can expand the layering of the picture and make the picture visually spatial.

6. Leave space blank

White space is also a commonly used typesetting technique. There are too many elements, and they are all densely packed on the screen, which will make people feel very depressed visually. Appropriate white space will make the entire layout look more breathable, and at the same time make your journal more upscale and full of artistic conception.

How to make magazine-style journal photos look good?

Finally, let’s talk about how to take photos to make the journal more beautiful after it’s finished.

Journalsay believes that when taking photos in magazine-style journals, you need to create a "sense of atmosphere" and the background must be clean and tidy.

You can choose this white background with a pen next to it to keep it simple.

If you want something warmer, you can add a lace canvas under the journal and place the subject on the left side of the picture. You can choose to place a small object in the blank space on the right to make the composition more complete.

You can put some green plants, some stickers, or tape pens around the journal, but be sure to leave some white space!

After taking the photo, be sure not to forget to retouch it. Reduce the exposure and saturation of the photo, which will give it a more high-end feel~

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