How to choose a journal that suits you? The customs clearance strategy is coming!

What was your first journal like? Were you confused the first time you chose? I have been a hand-book enthusiast for three years, and I have become a veteran from a young age. My skills in making hand-books have not improved much, but I have encountered a lot of setbacks.

Today, I would like to share with you, my pocket book purchase strategy 555 that I piled up with money~



The first step in the selection of a notebook, the size is the key

The size of the notebook will affect its portability. If you don't need to go out to carry it, it doesn't matter if you have a larger notebook.But if you need to carry it with you, the too large size is a burden.Of course, if you feel that you have a big bag and you have great physical strength, then you can skip this restriction.

The following are some of the more common sizes on the market, you can refer to them!


Common book sizes are A× and B×

  • A size:
  • A5:210×148mm
  • A6:148×105mm
  • A7:105×74mm
  • B size:
  • B5:257×182mm
  • B6:182×128mm
  • B7:128×91mm

The dimensions of some well-known brands of notebooks are as follows:

1. HOBO:

  • A5: Cousin (210×148×17mm)
  • A6: Library (148×105×14mm)
  • Special specification: Weeks (187×95×9mm)


  • A5:210×148mm
  • B6 deformation: 180×120mm
  • A6:148×105mm
  • B7 deformation: 120×70mm



  • Library: 148×105×10mm
  • A5:210×148×10mm
  • New book: 175×105×10mm
  • A4 variant: 275×210×10mm

B. TRAVELER'S notebook:

  • General size: 210×110×4mm
  • Passport size: 124×89×4mm

4. Moleskine:

  • A4:210×297mm
  • Extra size: 190×250mm
  • Large: 130×210mm
  • Pocket type: 90×140mm
  • Mini: 65×105mm

If you want to know some special sizes, it is suggested that if there is a physical store, it will be more reference to go to the physical store to feel it.



The cover is the facade, determine your exclusive style

A cover that suits you can directly reflect a person's work attitude and life attitude, and even a person's character can be glimpsed. In my opinion, the main ones are: simple style, cute style and retro style, these three types.


Simple Style.

The minimalist design is actually very difficult to do well. Basically, the cover is composed of very simple lines or squares. 

Cute Style.

As the name suggests, it is a cute and outrageously cute, and most of them involve some childish patterns or characters.

Retro Style.

Basically connected with the leather notebook, the brown leather has a strong style of the last century. Coupled with various retro gadgets, you can directly fill up the retro skill points.



Starting from the demand, the inner pages must be used smoothly.

Different needs have different requirements for the extra pages. If you are using it to write a diary, you are welcome to use one page a day. If you are using it for schedule management, you need to choose between the timeline and weeks.

Of course, with the idea of "can't be wasted", everyone needs to judge their own notebook usage habits while choosing the inner pages.

Of course, if you have no idea about these, it is recommended to buy a copy and try to record it first, and adjust it according to the specific situation. After all, everyone needs to explore from entering the pit to getting familiar with it. Basically, it took me about a year to determine my more suitable hand account usage habits.



Looking at "paper products" depends on luck, try to write more and you can feel how the paper quality is

Does the paper quality of the notebook matter? This is beyond doubt. Take hobo as an example, the paper is thin and easy to write on. So here I suggest that you choose paper quality, mainly based on three aspects.



  • the color of the paper. Many people think that paper should be white? In fact, if you need to write for a long time, yellowish paper is more recommended, which can greatly reduce the burden on the eyes.


  • Water absorption of paper. Although sometimes quick-drying pens can help solve this problem, but if you can do it right from the beginning, why not do it? If you use paper that is too absorbent, it will still scratch the paper when writing.


  • The lightness of the paper. Many people think that the thinness of paper is related to the overall number of pages. In fact, paper like hobo is deliberately thin, and even if the number of pages increases, it will not add too much thickness to the overall notebook.

It is suggested that if the physical store has trial writing, it is easier to judge by trial writing.



Books that cannot be spread out equally, don't choose!


As far as writing is concerned, a book that can be spread evenly will directly make the favorability burst. Think about it, if when writing, you need to constantly adjust the angle to make the book more flat, which will directly make the sense of use of the book plummet.

Most of the handbooks now say that they can be spread evenly, but in fact it is more or less impossible to do it completely, so that it is difficult to write. Here, I suggest you refer to the buyer show, which can be used as a reference.



The bookmark rope adds points to the value of the appearance, and the practical performance is full

We write a hand account, and sometimes the time period is relatively long. If it takes a long time to find the latest page every time, it is still troublesome to use. If there is a bookmark string, it will be different. Let the jump page made easier.



Making periodicals is like moving, and the storage function is a plus

To make journals, we often need various journal materials. If a notebook has high storage performance, it will be a plus to a certain extent. Like I use weeks, I often directly replace the handbag with the matching book jacket, which makes the portability even better.


Finally, let me summarize for you ——

Size comes first, style last.

Pay attention to the inside pages, and try the paper quality.

Spreads flat, bookmarks and organizes.

Best to have

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