DIY your own exclusive Junk Journal

What is Junk Journal?

This is a very popular way to make a handbook. Generally, it is made of garbage paper slips that are directly thrown away in daily life such as travel and outing advertising leaflets, paper packaging bags, restaurant menus, and manuals!



In addition, you can add photos, stickers, cards, receipts, and more.


Junk journal needs a lot of materials, which can also be called junk books, all kinds of waste utilization, if you have a lot of old magazines and foreign language books (the old ones are more interesting), then the materials are basically half, if you want to do more Delicate, you can choose to view your favorite material in the menu navigation bar


So, turn the "Junk" that you want to keep together into a work of art!


Let me share with you some good-looking journals!

❶ Name: 【country bunny】

It tells the happy life of a little rabbit living in the countryside and his friends


❷ Name: 【Green Field】

A green light vintage junk journal


❸ Name: 【Witch Diary】

vintage blonde junk journal

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