🖇Vintage journaling is just that easy!📖

I documented the entire process of how I completed two pages of vintage collage in my TN, and the final product looks like this:

Without further ado, let's get started!
For my vintage collage, I focused mainly on the materials and used tape as a complement.
When it comes to selecting materials, it's best to have a variety in terms of shapes and sizes. Avoid using solely rectangular shapes that are all the same size.

1. The first step is to use some versatile materials as a base layer.

Then, add some attractive character materials and a little bit of decor.

Adding a sticker pointing to the right can create a corresponding effect when placed on the right side.
Now that the upper part is completed, leave the triangular area on the side for writing.
Let's move on to the lower part. It's easy, isn't it?

I had rectangular materials prepared, but they didn't look interesting enough and were too plain. So, I cut them into small pieces.

Did you think I would just throw away the cut-off corners? As a frugal person, I won't waste anything. I used them as decorations like this.

After adding some embellishments to the lower part, the first page is now complete.

The left page is finished, now let's move on to the right page!

Once again, the first step is to work on the background

Apply the background tape to the top half as well to complete the overall background. Then add the beautiful girl character sticker.

the sticker pointing to the right is pointing right at the girl on the right page. This way, the two pages are linked better with this small detail!

Next, let's add some materials. I chose a yellow solid color sticker that matches the overall color scheme and will also be where I write later on. But just one sticker isn't enough! Let's add some decorations.

Do you see the dark strip material? That's actually leftover material from cutting the corners of the first page, cool huh?

Then let's start working on the upper right corner and add some more tape.

Oh, it still looks a bit plain. Let's continue adding more materials to it, then.

Finally, we added a circular sticker to echo the small circular sticker on the left side. And then, we added some more "seasoning" where needed.

And there you have it, the finished product!

Now it's time to add some writing to it. And there you have it, today's sharing is complete!