📕 2024 school season: Equip with new stationery and meet new challenges!⭐

As the autumn wind gradually picks up, we usher in the new school season. For many students, this is not only the beginning of a school year, but also the starting point of a new journey. In order to better meet this challenge, it is essential to prepare some handy stationery. Today, we recommend to you some essential stationery for the 2024 school season to make your learning journey smoother.

1. Multifunctional template circle ruler

Have you ever been troubled by not finding the right measuring tool? Or are you having trouble drawing because of inaccurate angles or lines? At this time, a multifunctional template circle ruler can come in handy. This round ruler not only has regular measuring functions, but also has a variety of different pattern templates that can be used to assist in drawing. Whether it's geometric figures or everyday objects, you can easily draw standard lines and shapes with just one stroke. Its appearance will bring great convenience to your study and life.

2. Cute shaped eraser

In addition to practical functions in learning, stationery can also be a small blessing in our lives. This cute eraser is just such a fun stationery. It not only has the basic function of an eraser, but also has a variety of different shapes, such as a small chewing gum shape, a humorous old man shape, and a funny and changeable smiley face shape. These unique shapes can not only add fun to your study life, but also stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Whenever you feel tired from studying, this cute eraser can bring you a bit of relaxation and laughter. Share these unique erasers with your classmates, and the communication between you will become more enjoyable. In addition, these erasers can also be small gifts for your friends to enhance friendship between each other.

3. Foldable reading stand

In the process of learning, we often need to maintain a reading posture for a long time. This not only easily causes neck and back fatigue, but also affects reading efficiency. In order to solve this problem, a foldable reading stand is particularly important. This reading stand adopts a simple design style. It is not only light and easy to carry, but also has adjustable angles to meet different reading needs. Its sturdy metal material ensures stability and durability, giving you more peace of mind while reading.

Whether you are reading textbooks, notes or novels, this foldable reading stand can provide you with a comfortable reading environment. Its appearance will greatly reduce your fatigue of maintaining the same posture for a long time, making learning more relaxed and enjoyable. In the library, coffee shop or at home, as long as you have this reading rack with you, your study journey will be more efficient and comfortable.

4. Multifunctional compass

In mathematics and engineering disciplines, the compass is an essential tool. But are you tired of the single function limitations of traditional compasses? This multifunctional compass will completely change your perception of traditional compasses. It not only has the conventional circle drawing function, but also comes with dimension tables for circle radius, making you more comfortable when drawing. The simple shape design makes it a work of art on the desk.

Whether making models, designing drawings or solving math problems, this multi-purpose compass provides you with precise measuring and drawing capabilities. Its multifunctional features will greatly improve your learning efficiency and make your learning results even better. I believe this compass will be a helpful assistant in your learning journey.

5. Extra large capacity pencil case

For many students, a pencil case is an essential daily companion. In order to meet everyone's needs, we have specially launched this 23*16*9cm large capacity pencil case. Its simple and stylish design style and large capacity make it a leader among pencil cases. The large capacity that can hold up to more than 100 pens not only meets your daily needs, but also has a handbag shape for easy portability. Whether you are studying at school, the library or at home, this extra-large capacity pencil case can provide you with a neat and organized study environment.

Choosing a practical pencil case is one of the keys to keeping learning efficient and organized. This extra large-capacity pencil case can not only accommodate all kinds of stationery you need, but also become a window to show your personality and taste. By combining it with different stationery and personalized stickers, you can create a unique pencil case that will become a useful companion on your learning journey.