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Recently got some sulfuric acid paper, the use of sulfuric acid paper in the journal can add a lot of interest.

Let's look at the characteristics of sulfuric acid paper - sulfuric acid paper is translucent and resistant to the penetration of grease and water, poor permeability, poor ink adsorption and color reproduction during the printing process.

Sulfuric acid paper has translucent properties, so you can see through the content underneath the paper. Using sulfuric acid paper in your journal can add a sense of layering to the content of your journal, and the translucent paper will also have a hazy feel.

Here I would like to share with you a few uses of sulfuric acid paper that I commonly use ~

NO.1 Stamp on top of sulfuric acid paper
The most common way I use is to put a stamp on top of the sulfuric acid paper. English stamps, for example, fit well with vintage or light vintage styles.
Since sulfuric acid paper is resistant to the penetration of grease and water, it is important to take care not to wipe off the patterned sulfuric acid paper and to dry it for a while.
There are two recommended ways to use it here:
①The first is to print the stamp on the entire sheet of sulfuric acid paper and cut the shape with a cutter according to the desired size, so the shape can be grasped by yourself in order to match the content used in the journal.

②The second is to tear a shape by hand, and then use the stamp to change it on top of the sulfuric acid paper (you can also print the stamp first and then tear the sulfuric acid paper, but the sulfuric acid paper needs to be dried for a while).

The hand-tear shape is irregular, and the edges have a sense of layered paper tearing, giving it a more casual and relaxed feel.

After printing the pattern of sulfuric acid paper, you can paste it on the top layer of the journal to increase the hazy feeling of the journal. Or stick it in the middle of a layer with other tapes or papers to add a sense of layering.

NO.2Writing and drawing on sulfuric acid paper

When writing or drawing on sulfuric acid paper, the color rendering is slightly weaker.
Normal writing with pencil on top of sulfuric acid paper is not particularly recognizable, although you can see the content clearly, so pencil is not recommended here. If you must write with pencil, you can try to trace the bold way.
Here are the three ways I commonly use to write and draw on sulfuric acid paper.
① First, write or draw some favorite patterns directly on the sulfuric acid paper, which can be used together with other contents in the journal, such as writing large headlines, flowery English, drawing cartoon images, etc.

②Secondly, if you have limited space to write in your journal, and you don't want to start another page, you can add the content that you can't finish writing in your journal on top of the sulfuric acid paper and paste it at the top of your journal.

③Third, if you are not satisfied with your own words or drawings, you can use sulfuric acid paper to copy the contents of your phone or book and then paste it into your journal.

For example, if you have recently watched a good movie and want to write the title in your journal, you can use your phone to search for the poster of the movie, and then put the sulfuric acid paper on top of your phone to "write through", so that the title style and the poster will be more like it.

NO.3Print material with sulfuric acid paper stickers

Sulfuric acid paper stickers are one of the materials that I often use.

Sulfuric acid paper stickers and washi paper stickers have a similar feel, but washi paper stickers are matte and do not reflect light, but washi paper stickers are a little more expensive.

I often use sulfuric acid paper stickers to print some materials such as flowers, plants, English text, etc.. Usually I download some materials on the Internet and find a print store to print the materials on sulfuric acid paper stickers. If you have a printer at home, it will be more convenient, you can use it anytime to print.

NO.4Sulfuric acid paper used as a storage pocket

Many papers can be used as storage pockets, but sulfuric acid paper is translucent, easy for us to see the contents inside, and it is also relatively thin paper, the burst book on the book has relatively little impact.

For example, some bills are not easy to paste, you can make a grid to store the bills. You can also make some small sulfate paper envelopes for storage.

NO.5Wrap small gifts with sulfuric acid paper

If you have a small box that you want to use for storage, you can decorate it yourself, and this is where sulfuric acid paper will also be a good helper.

Or when you use it when wrapping gifts yourself, it will also have a sense of heart and a small sense of ceremony. Like sulfuric acid paper or cake paper can be used as a decoration in the packaging.

There are many more uses of sulfuric acid paper that need to be explored in the process of making journal, so I hope today's sharing will bring you some new inspiration.