❥(^_-) Blue system cool journaling is too cool!

I documented the whole process of how I completed the two pages of handsome blue collage in TN, and the final product looks like this:
Without further ado, let's get started!

For this collage, I concentrated mainly on the tape
When it came to choosing materials, I did some cutting to make sure it was the effect I wanted

The first step is to cut the blue patterned tape, I cut it into a hexagonal shape, so that there will be the beauty of stitching.Is it very much like tiling?

Then, add some attractive featured material and a bit of decoration. I wanted this material to be opaque, so I glued it to white paper first and then cut it out.

The top part is now complete, leaving the bottom area for writing.
Let's move on to the right part. It's easy, isn't it?

Next is the main character this time, a handsome little girl, also first pasted on white paper and then cut out, placing her in the bottom right corner so she can watch the whole interface

Oh, it still looks a little plain. So let's go ahead and add more materials to it.
Finally, we added some long strips of stickers to fit around the journal.

Now it's time to add some writing to it. And there you have it, today's sharing is complete!