❤ Some Notes On Journal Stickers ❀

Some notes on journal stickers

1.What is sticker?

Stickers belong to the adhesive backing paper, is a variety of drawings, photos printed on the backing paper, is now common in the market stickers, is also a popular adolescent and youth cool a fashion product, can be pasted on stationery, cups and bowls, furniture, electrical appliances, metalware, porcelain, motor vehicles or non-motorized vehicles, cell phones, notebooks, game consoles and advertising trademarks, industrial signs and so on multi-element series of Products, the scope of use is very wide

It is also printed with various colors of cartoon characters and other patterns. It can be pasted at will, and most of them are disposable. There are more varieties.

2.Types of journal stickers

The two most common at this stage: washi paper stickers and PET stickers.


① Washi stickers:

The most common type of sticker, as opposed to ordinary stickers, it is the base material selected washi paper. Washi stickers can be broadly divided into ordinary washi paper and special oil washi paper stickers.

Ordinary washi paper: the color is light and gentle.

Special oil washi paper: full of color, ink in the light has a three-dimensional brush stroke texture.

Usually not very sticky, relatively speaking, can be repeatedly sticky, will not leave residual glue, can be hand-tear to do the effect.


②PET stickers:

PET material is a kind of plastic, the most common is mineral water bottles.PET stickers currently have a matte surface and glossy surface two. The advantage of this material stickers is that in addition to the part of the pattern is transparent, the pattern collage can reduce the pattern below is obscured, do not need to cut very fine finishing white edges.

PET waterproof, can be attached to a variety of glassware to add interest.


3.Tips for using journalstickers

① Cutting stickers - use a pen knife to cut:

The border is simple stickers with a large area, arm force, wrist and hand do not move

Simple border stickers with a small area, wrist force

The border of the complex stickers, you need to cut along the edge, finger force to turn the carving knife to ensure that the cut stickers are evenly stressed


②Remove the sticker

Take it directly by hand:

For PET stickers, you can use your fingers to flip back and forth in the protruding part of the sticker, the sticker will be separated from the back


Using tweezers:

The small, pointed tip of the tweezers makes it easy to remove the sticker from the sticker book, while also avoiding the discomfort of sticking your hand to the sticker


4.journal stickers storage

① Clip: the easiest way to store, directly clip up the stickers that are not used, and then look for them when needed


②Loose-leaf binder: the clearest way to organize the stickers, categorize them into different binders, it is easy to find the stickers you need

Journalsay hope we can all make better use of stickers!